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Point of View (Looking Narrowly): April 6 – 30, 2016

Point of View (Looking Narrowly): April 6-30, 2016

 Susan Bowen

Soho Photo Gallery, 15 White Street, NYC. 4/6 – 4/30/2016.
Reception: Tuesday, April 5, 6 – 8 pm.

Gallery-wide show on the theme of photographers’ choice of different visual points of view. Each of the solo shows in the gallery record interesting visual qualities found in the mundane, commonplace world around us, when seen from a specific, physical point of view.

Included are ‘Looking Down’, ‘Looking Up’, ‘Looking Closely’, ‘Looking Through’.. and my exhibit, ‘Looking Narrowly’ (Bay #3). Come join us for this unique show.

With photographers Wayne Parsons and Ron Meisel at the opening.

 Susan Bowen

Artist Statement: “I have done several sets of “People Walking” series with varying points of view. This group of images show very fragmented bits of people (and dogs), and the ground for the first time plays an important role. What is missing from the frame is as important, or more so, than what has been included. Bodies are moving in and out of the picture; where the people are going and why remains a mystery. But wherever they are headed, they move with purpose and at that fast pace for which New Yorkers are known.

These images foreshadow my later ground-oriented pictures (where I remove the human element entirely); I see these photos as a hybrid of the two bodies of work. The walking pictures are all about motion, the ground pictures are about moving slowly and paying attention. These “Looking Narrowly” images have a little of both, pulling the viewer in all sorts of directions.”

 Susan Bowen

 Susan Bowen

 Susan Bowen Susan Bowen

 Susan Bowen

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People Walking Reception: May 6, 2014

Reception for Solo Show: People Walking

Soho Photo Gallery, 15 White Street, NYC. 5/7-5/31/2014. Reception: May 6, 6 – 8 pm.

Here are some photos from the opening. Thanks to Paul Stetzer and Norman Borden for these great pics!

Paul Stetzer

Paul Stetzer

Paul Stetzer

Paul Stetzer

Paul Stetzer
Above 5 Photos by Paul Stetzer, © 2014.

 Norman Borden

Norman Borden
Above 2 Photos by Norman Borden, © 2014.

Only good one I got!

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SOLO SHOW: People Walking, Soho Photo Gallery: May 7 – 31, 2014

Solo Show: People Walking

Soho Photo Gallery, 15 White Street, NYC. 5/7-5/31/2014. Reception: Tuesday, May 6, 6 – 8 pm [10 black and white images from the People Walking Series]

“My work is always about motion; these images are part of an ongoing series on the topic of People Walking. Shot at various busy street corners in New York City, I like to record the swirl of activity around me. The vantage point is low; I am often sitting on the ground with a small tripod and rapidly capturing people as they walk by.”

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Streets of Cuba, Soho Photo Gallery: October 3 – November 3, 2012

Streets of Cuba

Soho Photo Gallery, 15 White Street, NYC. 10/3-11/3/2012. SOLO SHOW: Images from last year’s trip to Cuba. [15 pieces from the Cuba 2011 series]

Press Release





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Rippled Realities, Valdosta State University Gallery: October 17 – November 4, 2011

Rippled Realities

Fine Arts Gallery, Valdosta State University, 1500 N. Patterson, Fine Arts Building, Valdosta, GA. 10/17-11/4/2011. SOLO SHOW: 26 framed pieces, 9 large scale works. [36 pieces]

Installation View


Exhibit Opening


Press Release




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Bulldozers and Bridges, Soho Photo Gallery: September 4 – October 4, 2008

Bulldozers and Bridges (Minnesota DOT)

Soho Photo Gallery, 15 White Street, NYC. 9/4-10/4/2008. SOLO SHOW. [14 pieces from the Minnesota DOT series]

NY Beat Listing




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In the Ring, Safe-T-Gallery: September 27 – October 27, 2007

In the Ring

Safe-T-Gallery, 111 Front St., Suite 214, DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY. 9/27-10/27/2007.

Installation View

in the ring
Photo by Etienne Frossard

Photo installation: Imagery of Gleason’s Gym circling the room and a 7′ diameter hanging ring (98 running feet of imagery in all). Exhibit was part of the Dumbo Arts Festival, Sept. 28 – 30. [8 pieces from the Gleasons Gym series]

Exhibition in a gallery in the DUMBO neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY in September 2007. Images of famous Gleason’s Gym, located near the gallery. Pictures of people sparring and working out at the gym. Displayed on a circular construction and around the perimeter of the room.

Gallery Exhibition Page


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Midwest Meanderings, Soho Photo Gallery: November 7 – December 2, 2006

Midwest Meanderings

Soho Photo Gallery, 15 White Street, NYC. 11/7-12/2/2006. SOLO SHOW. [14 pieces from the Houston, Iowa, and Indiana series]


Featuring image: J&N Feed Supply


From the Press Release

Susan Bowen’s show, Midwest Meanderings, is a rural-themed exhibit of overlapping multiple exposure photographs. Bowen, who lives in Brooklyn, took these pictures primarily on back roads in Iowa and Indiana. She says, “My pictures draw the viewer into a world of unexpected and unclear juxtapositions.” The multiple exposures prove a revelation not only to the viewer but also to the photographer herself, since the overlapping imagery is created while photographing, not in the studio after the fact. The thrill of the unknown is a defining aspect of Bowen’s work. Since 2002, Bowen has had 12 solo/two-person shows and has been in 84 group exhibitions. Midwest Meanderings includes 14 works, sized 1’x3′. Website:

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Iowa Meanderings, Fine Arts Gallery: July 1 – August 1, 2005

Iowa Meanderings

Fine Arts Gallery, Community College of Southern Nevada, 3200 E. Cheyenne Avenue – J1A, North Las Vegas, NV. 7/1-8/1/2005. SOLO SHOW. [9 pieces from the Iowa series]

Installation Views




Review in Las Vegas City Life

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Urban Fusions/Rural Rhythms, Southern Light Gallery: May 5 – June 17, 2005

Urban Fusions/Rural Rhythms

Southern Light Gallery, Amarillo College, 2011 S. Washington St., Amarillo, TX. 5/5-6/17. SOLO SHOW. [16 pieces from the New York, Iowa, and Subway series]

There’s nothing on Earth that photographer Susan Bowen likes more than grain elevators.

No, really…

Interview in Amarillo Globe News



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