New York Walking

New York Walking #13507

The ‘People Walking’ series has taken various forms, from focusing on legs and feet to people’s faces about to crash into me. The common theme is people in motion in an urban setting. These images are very New York-centric, as few other places provide this degree of congestion of people and the fast urgent pace that defines the city. I have always found New York’s energy and vitality exhilarating. The style is black and white in the mode of historical street photography.

This set of images were taken from a low vantage point, on various busy street corners of New York, with me sitting on the curb and the camera inches from the ground. I am shooting fast and furiously, capturing the swirl of activity around me; it is only later do I discover what I captured. Motion, energy, and chance are themes that I carried over from my earlier Holga work.

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