Nature Out of Context

Nature Out of Context #04344

The “Nature Out of Context” series shows leaves, twigs, and other natural objects that I find on the sidewalks and in street gutters where I live. The images are mostly shot within the same few blocks surrounding my home. Small and likely unnoticed by people hurrying by, to me they are a glimpse into a quieter, stiller world than I usually experience… as I am usually one of those hurrying people that cities attract.

The natural objects I find remind me that nature perseveres even in an urban setting, and it is precious to have it in such an environment. It is probably no accident that I live in a neighborhood with lots of community gardens… but it is still the city where I choose to live. These images express that conflict.

Visually I am drawn to the sharp silhouette created by a leaf fallen on concrete and by the contrasts it represents: rural/urban, natural/man-made, delicate/tough, colorful/dull, curves/edges. The leaf is now out-of-context, no longer part of the parent tree, dropped and abandoned… but it still has beauty and life. These natural objects tell me to slow down, to notice what is around me, pay attention to the changing of the seasons. I have discovered I don’t have to go far to experience this. It is right outside my door.

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