Legs and Shadows

The ‘People Walking’ series has taken various forms, from focusing on legs and feet to people’s faces about to crash into me. The common theme is people in motion in an urban setting. These images are very New York-centric, as few other places provide this degree of congestion of people and the fast urgent pace that defines the city. I have always found New York’s energy and vitality exhilarating. The style is black and white in the mode of historic street photography.

This group of photos is the quietest in nature of the ‘People Walking’ series. The vantage point is looking down, and only fragments of people are included in the frame. Light and shadows are prevalent and contribute to the diagonal focus of the compositions. The surface of the street has significance to the image; these pictures foreshadow my more recent ground-centric photos (ground without the humans).

People are moving through and often out of the frame (where have they been and where are they going). I am just a bystander, off to the side, with people flowing past me.

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