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I’m on a Billboard in Los Angeles!
April 25 – May 15, 2015

I’m on a billboard! My piece ‘Skateboard Park, Arms Up’ is being included in a public art exhibition on billboards in Los Angeles sponsored by a non-profit organization called The Billboard Creative.

This is the image used on my billboard:

Skateboard Park, Arms Up

And below is the first picture… thank you Chris Danes!
Skateboard Park Billboard

From the Billboard Creative website:

“This is the inaugural show from The Billboard Creative, a non-profit founded in 2014 with the goals of giving artists access to a mass audience and to make art as accessible to Angelenos as the numerous billboards that they view every day. Pieces from 14 artists from seven countries and working in a range of media will be on display throughout Hollywood and LA through May 15. Download a map to the billboards, including QR codes for Google Maps for each installation – then hit the road on your own art tour or simply keep your eyes open on your daily journeys.”

Here is a link to the map of all the artist’s billboards: Billboard Creative Map. The billboards will be up April 25 – May 15. Mine is on the corner of West 3rd St. and South Serrano Avenue.

Where did the palm tree go?!  Images provided by Billboard Creative.

Also posted in 2015

Augusta Lewis Troup School Mural
Completed April 2008

Public Art Commission Completed. Photo-montage mural depicting the history of the labor movement in New Haven CT, on wall facing entrance of newly renovated public middle school. Commissioned by the City of New Haven Percent for Art Program. 5′-3″ x 48′, 12 panels, Porcelain Enamel on Steel. Awarded commission October 2006, installed April 2008. Budget: $42,690.


Proposal Model

Installation Views






Project Description

The mural is a photo-montage of historical photographs commemorating the labor movement in New Haven. It includes pictures from various time periods, intermingled in a non-linear fashion. Two pictures of Augusta Troup are included, as are pictures of local labor activists of import: Vincent Sirabella, Nick Aiello, Philip Voigt, and John Wilhelm. I’ve included images of the Labor Day Parade of 1960, Teachers picketing the Hall of Records in 1970, Macy’s and Kennedy’s workers picketing against Van Heusen imports also from about 1970, the Olin Strike of 1979, the Yale strike of 1984, and the Local 34 and 35 and District 1199 strike of 2003. I’ve tried to include a good historical selection and various races and ages are represented.

In Augusta’s honor, I’ve given women, and women’s fight for equal pay, the primary spotlight. I’ve presented the photos in a variety of scale to give greater visual appeal. Because earlier photos were of necessity in black and white, I’ve made all the images monochromatic. One image merges into the next, the eye moves in and out, traveling left to right; the mural offers an experience of discovery and recognition. Though the events portrayed originate across many decades and pertain to a number of employers, the spirit remains the same; New Haven’s workers over time have been united in the common goal of fair, equitable, and respectful treatment in the place that they work.

Most of the pictures (19 images) are courtesy of Virginia Blaisdell, a local photographer who has covered labor events in the city for 36 years—for local newspapers and Locals 34, 35, and GESO at Yale (UNITE HERE) and District 1199 (SEIU); she is currently on staff at UNITE HERE. Ten pictures are courtesy of the Greater New Haven Labor History Association; thanks to Joan Cavanagh, archivist, and Bill Berndtson for their invaluable help. Three images are from the New Haven Museum and Historical Society, four are from Ken Suzuki (who works for Local 34), and Susan Voigt provided the photograph of herself and husband Philip.

All pictures have been digitally photo-montaged to give the same “look and feel” the artist’s typical multiple exposure panoramic photographs.

Fabrication Information

Material: Porcelain Enamel on twelve 48” wide x 63” high flanged panels; 16 gauge steel. Flanged panels were fabricated and a base coat of porcelain was applied and fired. The halftone image was then applied and fired again. Porcelain enamel is a mixture of glass and pigments that are fused to steel at high temperatures (about 1400 degrees Fahrenheit); it creates a permanent bond. Porcelain enamel is the same material used on traditional kitchen stoves and is extremely durable. Material is exterior grade, is UV resistant, and is guaranteed against fading for 25 years when used outdoors.

Fabricator: Winsor Fireform, 3401 Mottman Road SW, Tumwater, WA 98512, Voice: 800.824.7506, Fax. 360.786.6631, E-Mail:, Owner: Bryan Stockdale.

Installer: Connecticut Sign Service, new address: 25 Middlesex Turnpike, Essex, CT 06426, Voice: 860.767.7446, Fax: 860.767.7447, E-mail:, Owner: John Morrison.

Public Art Commission Website


Greater New Haven Labor History Association

Greater New Haven Labor History Association now uses my mural as their site banner.


Read full article and comments >>here<<.

Read full article and comments >>here<<.

Also posted in 2008

Minnesota Department of Transportation Murals
Completed February 2007

Public Art Commission Completed, Minnesota Department of Transportation, Regional Headquarters, St. Cloud, MN. Four murals depicting current construction projects and DOT trucks and equipment. Commissioned by the Minnesota Percent for Art in Public Places. 2′ high by varying widths (the longest being 24′ wide), Digital High Pressure Laminate; installed February 2007. Budget: $8,500.

Presentation Boards

Installation Views






Fabrication Notes

Material: 1/2″ thick Digital High Pressure Laminate (Formica-like material). Hung using metal cleats so images appear to float off the wall. Surface may be washed with mild soap and water; graffiti can be removed with non-abrasive citrus-based cleaners.

Fabricator: iZone Imaging, 2526 Charter Oak Dr., Temple, TX 76502; 888/464-9663,

Public Art Commission Page

pubart site

Also posted in 2007