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RIP Holga: December 1, 2015

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Who the Heck Is.. SUSAN BOWEN

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>>>> Click here to read the entire Toy Camera post <<<<


“I really, really enjoy your work. Its always refreshing to see other artists that find beauty in the accidents.”, John G.

“veryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryamazing your wide way to see the world Susan…”, Claudio O.

“Great images–feel like I’m walking along with you ‘looking'”, David

“Your work is deep, and I trust that it’ll get the recognition it deserves. Thank you for inspiring me to continue to develop my voice in this mystical medium of photography.”, Mark V.

“Susan you are really very good, don’t stop! thank you, your work is thought provoking, mysterious… down right fabulous.”, Sharon

“Her exhibition is really worth seeing, for her prints are beautiful, often full of color, always vibrant and exciting, and most of all, are richly original and innovative. … Susan Bowen’s is outstanding.”, Robert D.

“I am not artist but an art advocate. I was looking for interesting work, and found your website. I am especially interested in your technique, enjoy the hogs and goats, the antiwar series.”, Joyce M.

“Susan, your motif show a clean innate form of what I see as how plastic and blended the human urban scape is. Very lovely.”, Gary B.

“WOW, Susan; your work is becoming ever more visually complex and exciting! You’ve got lots tighter texture going, which gives the work much more energy. When you combine that with symmetry, in Sea of Snakes, the effect is phenomenal!”, Bert M.

“I LOVE the images I saw on Art & Design Online. Must go pick up my daughter right now, but had to write, immediately.”, Tama H.

“Hello Susan, What a fine name! Fascinating montages……”, G.B. Bowen

“Very nice! I was in the art biz for 15 years, including putting together shows of photography (Imogen Cunningham & others).. So I see pictures with a certain awareness. Your work has such a wonderful quality to it.. Very inspiring stuff.”, Steve G.

“I just found your photography site through I really like how you do your photos: it’s like a mix between collage and a movie film.”, Cristal M.

“I really enjoy the long panoramic format and the fabric like quality the imagery has with so much overlapping detail… like you, I’ve always been interested in alternative ways of picturing the world.”, Michael M.

“Susan Bowen’s panoramas are breathtakingly beautiful. The little anti-conformist in me also enjoys the fact immensely that she uses a cheap plastic camera to create them.”, Jorg Colberg

“They all are superb. I’m glad I came across your site, I’ll be returning here again and again for inspiration.”, Robert K.

“Quite wonderful. The color and movement and light – repeating riffs. They each have an improvized feeling – like Jazz.”, JP Zorn

“Your work is wonderful! ‘It is only with the heart one sees rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.’ (de Saint Exupery)”, Jane F.A.

“Her photos are almost the exact opposite of those of the digital stitching camp but they’re equally if not even more interesting.”, Joerg Colberg of Conscientious

“Nice work! Unique and obviously quite dialogue provoking.”, Denise

“I find Susan Bowen’s multiple panos with the Holga to be very exciting compositions capturing the energy of the city. It’s a difficult camera to operate successfully, yet she manages to derive rich, provocative composite images from it.”, Joel S.

“Very positive images, life affirming!”, Trauval L.

“Print them bigger!! Beautiful!”, N/A

“‘Get out there and prove your message.’ Your images make me wanna load my camera and shoot all this craziness that NY has to offer.”, EC P.

“You are capturing part of the times.”, N/A

“It can make you feel like a small town person just hitting the overwhelming streets of a big city for the first time.”, Rhonda W.

“Your shots all give a sense of place and life in that place that is truly unique and extremely vibrant. Just completely stirring stuff.”, JP Zorn

“Your Holga is in talented, capable hands and you are getting some beautiful results.”, Eric Grignol, Photomedia Center

“Your work is magnificent!.. I’ve always been the most interested in photography in the larger context of art, and your work certainly intersects many aspects… That’s but two reasons why I like the language you’re speaking. Wow!”, Gabriel

“Amazing work. I guess you could call her camera technique ‘Holga-panning’… Sue’s work uses a unique technique but the photographs themselves are strong and fascinating. They touch a cord that resonates in memory long after viewing.”, Walter C.

“Your approach seems unique to me, and extremely effective and exciting. It brings to mind the Latin American muralists. I saw Diego Rivera’s famous River Rouge murals…had the same head-swiveling, progressive narrative effect on me.”, L.S.

“it was wonderful to get to know your montage wk. i especially like the fluency in your process. please keep up the good wk.”, heungman

“i love how her photos capture the energy of the moment, the way you view a moment when you are right in the middle of it.”, Sara L.

“I think the [] gallery rocks. You need to go to Rio!!!!!!”, Becky R.

“You have inspired me to get “out there” with my camera.”, Melissa R.

“Painting meets photography meets fresco meets… Impressions, observations, documents, … reality, energy, dynamism. Great work.”, Gabriella

“Forget the computer–your images are beautiful!”, N/A

“Love your work! Finally…. someone who sees the world like I do–in panaramic vision!”, Promise S.

“I checked out your website, and really love and admire your work. I especially like ‘Reflections to Go’ It reflects my love of what I call a “layered” look and the curvilinear shapes which seem to inhabit my life in every way.”, Carole M.

“They are so full of energy, they put you right in that moment…but at the same time have an after resonance in them.”, Mirana C.

“I find myself going back to your site constantly, loving the overlapping Holga images of New York… Thanks so much and thanks for posting such great images where so many can see them!”, Lorraine H.

“I stumbled upon your web site and was simply amazed. Your images are wonderful and the multi-image technique is captivating. I especially liked your Jackson Square image…it took me right there!”, Rick K.

“the elasticity of time; how the photos look as if they exist on a string of elastic, stretched out, but coming from one frame, one moment in time.. memories can bounce in and out.. your photos appeal to me because they make me think of this.”, Tara S.

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