Susan Bowen


Susan Bowen lives in New York City and is known for her overlapping multiple exposures, which she shoots with a plastic camera. In 2008 Susan completed a 48′ public art mural for a school in New Haven, CT and created four murals for the D.O.T. in Minnesota. In 2007 she was profiled in Photo Techniques and Light Leaks magazines and received a Pilsner Urquell Lucie award. Susan has four images published in Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity, a book by Michelle Bates. Susan’s 18 solo shows have been in New York, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Reno, Dayton, San Marino, Lubbock, and Tennessee.


My work is primarily about motion. The intense pace and vitality of the urban setting excites me; I like to shoot fast and furiously, to be totally immersed and to be swept up in, and along with, the tide of the moment. I am either shooting people that are in motion or I am in movement around my subject… and often both.

I enjoy the element of chance in all my photography. I like to be very spontaneous in my shooting and see what surprises that brings. It is a delight to me how the images capture my experience of a particular time and place and at the same time have an identity all their own.